Friday, November 21, 2014

but I'm going to take a break and tell you guys about Influenster.

I know you guys have seen that quite a few of my posts involve things called VoxBoxes from a company called Influenster. I'm going to take a little time and tell ya'll a little about the program.

It's pretty simple. Influenster hooks people like me up with companies who want to get the word out about their product. They make up themed boxes called VoxBoxes and send them out to select people that they choose. How you're chosen, I don't know. Maybe it's by completing Badge activities on the website. Maybe it's by being more active in the previous VoxBoxes you got. Maybe it's random. I'm not clued in to that part of the program.

When you get your VoxBox you sign into the website and you'll have Badge activities to complete. Each badge will have 3-4 activities to complete, from posting on Facebook all the way up to making YouTube videos. The more activities you complete the more chance you have of winning that particular badge's prize. Some badges you automatically get the badge prize just for completing the activities (which is pretty awesome if you ask me).

So it's a pretty simple program and it's pretty fun. You get free goodies, you tell other people about your goodies and the companies get the word out about their product. Everyone wins.

The VoxBoxes are pretty awesome too. You don't get sample sizes, you get the full size product. You really get a chance to give the product a try and see if you like it or not. I've seen VoxBoxes with everything from exercise themes to beauty themes to health themes. I think my favorite that I got was beauty themed. I just love trying out new makeup without worrying about wasting my money.

Influenster has an app now too. I've only recently downloaded it so I'm still learning my way around it but I remember when other members were asking for an app and to see they listened to their members and made one really shows they take member suggestions seriously. The app is pretty easy to use, I don't see anything confusing about it. You can check your Snaps, Campaigns, VoxPerks, and see what Badges you have completed all from your Dashboard right in the app.

Influenster is one of my favorite programs I belong to. I love when I get the email saying I'm getting a VoxBox and when it shows up at my door I can't wait to open it up. Most of the time I forget to take pictures before I start tearing into everything! I have to force myself to slow down so I can show off my goodies to everyone. If anyone is interested in signing up for Influenster leave a comment and I'll get back to you with an invite! You won't regret it :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

but my health depends on it and vaping is easy.

This post is similar to my usual posts, but a little different.

I'm trying to quit smoking (yay me!) but anyone who has ever tried knows, it's just HARD. So this time around I decided I'd start vaping. So far I'm doing ok. I fall off sometimes when my anxiety gets too high. I'll have the occasional cigarette but I go right back to vaping. You can't pass up on the ease and the flavors. So many yummy flavors.

I have to admit, there's a lot about smoking that I don't miss. The ashes, that smell. Always needing a lighter. Those looks from non-smokers. The sinus infections and ear pain. The nasty taste in my mouth. Vaping has so many pros I'm not sure I could list them right now. That's not what this post is about though. This post is a review. Recently I branched out from my usual juice company and ordered a sample pack from a company called The Juice Wytch. They had a stellar sale on their sample pack and I couldn't pass it up.

In the sample pack I received four 5ml bottles, each a different flavor. Included were samples of their Alchemist Blends line.The line consists of Hex (not included), Chalice, Elixir, Altar, and Divine. The Alchemist Blends line is Juice Wytch's premium juice line and is quite delicious.

You can jump to their website for a description of each of their juices, I'm just going to focus on this one: Altar.

Altar is listed as "a bakery cinnamon and custard that will leave you wanting more!" At first I wasn't too sure about trying it. My experience with cinnamon juices has been that they are strong and not really for me. I decided to give it a go though. Let me tell you, I'm glad I did. It's something like a sugar cookie, but not quite as sweet. The cinnamon is subtle but still there. The custard stays with you but doesn't overpower. It's a little like eating a donut. It's not airy like many juices I've tried but it's not thick and gaggy like a cheesecake juice I've tried in the past. I've got to say, I love this juice. I usually stay away from premium juices because I can't help but think, "How can I justify paying the higher price when I can get perfectly fine juice at a cheaper price?" Well guys, I just found out how I can justify it. It's worth it. That's what it comes down to. 

I briefly tried two other juices in the sampler pack, Elixir and Chalice. Elixir is a decent juice. A little too fruity for me. My boyfriend seems to like it. He has vaped most of it. I can't give Chalice the review it deserves because the tank I used needs a new coil and it tainted the flavor. I can say the strawberry flavor in it was very good and tasted very true. I will give it another try when I get new coils and can give it a real chance with nothing messing with its flavor. 

I've got to say, since I've started vaping it's like my eyes have opened to a whole new world. If you are a smoker and you're considering smoking I highly suggest you consider smoking. You control your nicotine level and slowly wean yourself down, in a similar manner to patches except you still feel like you're smoking so your hands are busy and you have this whole world of flavor at your fingertips. If you would like information, feel free to comment and ask me anything. If I don't know I will find out for you. 

Make sure to check out Juice Wytch if you're a current vaper looking for something to try. Order a sampler and find out for yourself!

Disclaimer: All products in this post were bought by myself. All reviews in this post are my own. I was not compensated for this post and was not asked to make this post. You will never find a review on this site that is not 100% honest and doesn't come straight from me. I can not be bought :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

but sometimes I need to take the time to just shut down.

I'm not having a good week readers.

First, I've got shingles. Shingles, Not Just For Old People. Apparently my grandmother, aunt, and uncle have all had them. I was lucky to catch a fairly weak version but it still hurts and itches and I'm uncomfortable and WAAHHH.

Second, I think the medicine the doctor gave me has thrown me into a depression. I just can't shake it. There's nothing outside of this bed that interests me. I really hate the way taking a medication to help one illness can throw off months worth of progress. I haven't been this down in a while. The worhtlessness, the hopelessness. The wanting to check myself into a center for a while but fearing losing my children. I really hope it's the medicine and not something creeping in. I don't want to spend weeks under this.

In the interest of making this a happy post, I've quite smoking. I've started vaping. I love it. I love the flavors, the ease. I love shopping for flavors, looking at the mods, learning new things about it. I feel so much better. No more coughing. I still have trouble breathing but I blame that on allergies (I start allergy shots next week).

My oldest turns 11 next week. I'm prepared to cry like a baby. I know I will. Just not when anyone is around. We're camping for her birthday the week of the 18th. Hopefully I remember to take a lot of pictures that I can make a happy post with. I owe my blog a happy post.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

so sometimes I like falsies.

As you know, I'm part of the Influenster Voxbox program. In my most recent Voxbox I received Kiss Nails Everlasting French nails. I'm usually not the at home false nails kind of person. They don't fit, they're too long, I glue my fingers together, the usual problems of a klutz. To be honest at first I wasn't even going to try these. I was just going to skip over this product and try everything else out. I had planned to give them to my mamaw who is a false nail junkie. This is the product I received.

After looking them over and noticing they were the real short length and opening the package up I decided to give them a try. Worst that could happen, I throw them away. I measured some of them up to my fingernails and they all seemed to be pretty good matches. I only had to file the sides of some of them and only a little bit. They were very easy to file with the file that was included in the package. The Package included an orangewood stick, 28 nails, a bottle of glue, and a little nail file (as seen in the picture below).

Application was easy, although a little easier on my non-dominant hand, obviously. I did buff my nails slightly with the nail file to make the glue have something to latch onto. Just slightly though. Here's a not so great picture of me pretending to buff my fingernail no-handed. 

Voila! Here's the finished product!

Looks nice right? My right hand had some issues where I applied the glue a little messily and there was some bubbling. That was my fault. I should have paid a little more attention or possibly had my oldest do the glue for me. However, you only leave these on for seven days so I don't think it will be a big problem unless it bothers you aesthetically. I did have to file the thumb nails down. Even though the length of these nails is 'Really Short' I thought the thumb nails were much too long. I used to the blue file that was included and they filed down very easily. 

The nails lasted the whole seven days with no problems. They didn't pop off, I gave my daughter her baths, I washed dishes, I did everything I usually do and they stayed on just as strong as day one. There was no raising up no snagging on anything. They did feel like false nails but I don't think they're supposed to feel real. After 7 days they still looked like this (this is my right hand, the one I had glue issues with)

Nice, right? Suggested removal is to rough them up with the file and soak them in acetone but I just popped them off with my mouth (I know so bad!) this did make my nails a little thin but a coat of strengthening nail polish and cutting off the tips (my nails are brittle anyway so I can't grow them out) and they were their usual selves. 

All in all, I'm glad I gave these a try and in the future if I wanted pretty nails but didn't feel like polishing them I'd buy these for sure. They're available at the drug store (I saw them at CVS for sure) and much cheaper than a nail salon. If you're looking for something fast or just want to try something new without the commitment of acrylics I would definitely give Kiss Everlasting French (or any of the Kiss nails) a try. 

You can find Kiss at

I received this product complimentary from Influenster to try and report back how I felt about it. This review and all pictures are 100% my own and is not influenced by anyone. My reviews will never be influenced by outside forces, I keep it honest :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

and sometimes, I disappear completely.

I'm a terrible blogger. When I was younger I always had half started journals lying around waiting for me to pick them up again and begging me to finish them off. To give them some kind of closure. I rarely did.

I've thought of this blog a time or two. I told myself I needed to post something; even if know one read it I would know it was there.

It's been a hectic couple of months. Maybe I will turn February and March into a post. The Great Bed Bug War of 2014. That was a miserable couple of months. Lesson learned, never accept furniture from anyone. Not even family (or step-family as was my case).

School is winding down and it's time for amusement parks, zoo trips, and days spent at the aquatic center being lazy and soaking up vitamin D. I have some things to review, I should have some pictures to post. I have some bipolar related posts I think, although things have mostly been on the up side. Not level by any means but I haven't reached the darkest side in a long time. That's a very good thing. I'll take gray over black any day.

I've also switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Not a complete victory but a small one. I've won a small battle in the war. Maybe I'll do some posts about that too. I'm no expert by any means but I can give my amateur opinion.

I guess this is my way of saying I'm back, although I'm not sure anyone knew I was gone. See ya around, blog.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

...and even when I do, I still procrastinate.

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a roercoaster for me. The weather has been all over the place and my emotions have been right there with it. 

One day it's nice and breezy, the next its snow and ice. We've had so many snow days and two hour delays I can't keep count. The kids are going to school on Presidents' Day this year and also Oaks Day (that's a regional thing). Our last day is currently June 9th but I have a feeling that's still going to change. 

Last week I was blindsided by a stomach bug that put me out of commission for 3-4 days. It was miserable. I could have blogged but all I could think about was the bathroom and you guys really didn't want to hear about that. Trust me. 

I've cancelled and rescheduled so many appointments because of the weather and school situations. My thyroid levels were normal (TSH was down to 1.4 from 4 in October and my T3 had straightened out) so it looks like my only option is to shell out more money than I've got for some Nioxin and hope it works to stop the hair loss and promote some growth. I still think the fluctuations in my thyroid are indicative of something but my doctor doesn't so, dead end. 

I finally finished the smallest princess's kangaroo. Sort of. I'm still knitting it's scarf. There will be a post with pictures. Next up is the eldest princess's kangaroo. So far, I'm 4 rows into the head. Oops. Better get hookin'. 

The boyfriend and I are headed to Nashville for some memory bleach over Valentine's Day weekend. I promise to try to take lots of pics and then bore you with them (is there even a you out there?) Nashville is my favorite place that doesn't have an ocean. I'm beyond excited. 

Turns out, I'm losing weight. Looks like my pervious doctor was wrong about it being linked to me turning 30 and drinking sodas. Imagine that. 

It's late here but early for me. I need to attempt to make my brain stop running laps (at least one of us runs, right?) and get some sleeps. The never-ending doctor visits resume tomorrow. Plus there are dishes in the sink that I think are beginning to gain sentience. Yikes. 

Monday, January 6, 2014 at night I play spa in the bathtub. A review of the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas 'Glacial Clay Spa' Mask.

I've been meaning to make this post for a couple of weeks now but due to some complications with my medication, I haven't done much but cry and mope. Thankfully I'm feeling better now!

So here's the deal. As you can probably tell by now, I am part of the Influenster program. Which is an awesome program, if you didn't know. They recently did a campaign called the Violet VoxBox and I got one. In the box was the Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa face mask. This post is about that mask.

First off: I love this mask. I'm usually a user of the Mint Julep clay mask but this one is much better. It's not just a bunch of clay that you squeeze out into your hand and make a huge mess out of. The Montagne Jeunesse mask is a fabric backed mask. Which means all you do is open the package, spread the fabric open so it looks like a creepy little peeled off face, and lay it over your face. A little adjustment so you can see, breathe, and your mouth isn't covered and you're ready to relax.

A couple of things to remember. This is still a clay mask. Clay masks dry and they tighten. Sometimes they sting. A little stinging is normal, a lot of stinging is not. If you feel a little tingle but it's bearable just go with it. If it starts to burn, sting a lot, or becomes very uncomfortable WASH IT OFF ASAP. Not everyone's skin is going to react well with every product. Know your body.

Ok, let's get technical for a second. One thing I love about Montagne Jeunesse is their products come in nice little single use packets. If you don't like it, you're not stuck with a whole tube full of product you'll never use. All ingredients are listed on the back of the package. Please check the ingredients to see if there's anything you know your skin just doesn't like! Also, no animal testing and no animal ingredients.

I decided to use my mask as part of a pretend spa night. After the kids went to bed I filled the tub up, grabbed a drink and my phone so I could read and listen to music and shut the bathroom door for the first time in who knows when.The directions say to wash your face before you apply the mask so I did that at the sink before I got into the tub. I didn't want soap or anything in the water. The mask was ridiculously easy to apply; it's a good thing the kids were asleep though, if they had seen me nightmares would have been had! Remember how in old movies kids always freaked out when they saw their mothers in their green face masks or their cold cream masks? That's how I felt LOL. A very horror movie, I stole someone's skin and am wearing it on my face, kind of look.

The mask was cold but I liked it. The smell is hard to describe. It made me miss my boyfriend. That's not a bad thing, my boyfriend smells great. After a few minutes I could feel the mask begin to do its thing. Like I said, clay masks will tighten up and they will tingle. It was nowhere near as bad as some previous clay masks I've used though. It was actually quite nice. I left the mask on a little longer than the directions said to but I didn't have any bad reactions. When I was ready, I simply peeled the mask off and tossed it. A quick rinse with some water to make sure all of the clay was off and I was ready to go. My skin was so soft and smooth. I have shiny, oily skin and it was just beautifully matte. I couldn't keep my hands off of my skin, which is awesome but BAD! I kept having to tell myself that the more I touch it, the mask will just have been a waste. Needless to say, my skin was awesome.

So, if you can't tell: I. Love. This. Mask. It has officially replaced all clay masks I used to use. Seriously, give it a try. Make sure to check the ingredients, follow the directions and relax. It's worth it.

Want more info?
Montagne Jeunesse
Montagne Jeunesse Facebook
Montagne Jeunesse on Twitter
Montagne Jeunesse on Pinterest

Disclaimer: I received this product for free as part of the Influenster VoxBox program in exchange for my review of said product. My review is just that, mine. Everything stated in this post is my opinion and mine only.