Friday, November 21, 2014

but I'm going to take a break and tell you guys about Influenster.

I know you guys have seen that quite a few of my posts involve things called VoxBoxes from a company called Influenster. I'm going to take a little time and tell ya'll a little about the program.

It's pretty simple. Influenster hooks people like me up with companies who want to get the word out about their product. They make up themed boxes called VoxBoxes and send them out to select people that they choose. How you're chosen, I don't know. Maybe it's by completing Badge activities on the website. Maybe it's by being more active in the previous VoxBoxes you got. Maybe it's random. I'm not clued in to that part of the program.

When you get your VoxBox you sign into the website and you'll have Badge activities to complete. Each badge will have 3-4 activities to complete, from posting on Facebook all the way up to making YouTube videos. The more activities you complete the more chance you have of winning that particular badge's prize. Some badges you automatically get the badge prize just for completing the activities (which is pretty awesome if you ask me).

So it's a pretty simple program and it's pretty fun. You get free goodies, you tell other people about your goodies and the companies get the word out about their product. Everyone wins.

The VoxBoxes are pretty awesome too. You don't get sample sizes, you get the full size product. You really get a chance to give the product a try and see if you like it or not. I've seen VoxBoxes with everything from exercise themes to beauty themes to health themes. I think my favorite that I got was beauty themed. I just love trying out new makeup without worrying about wasting my money.

Influenster has an app now too. I've only recently downloaded it so I'm still learning my way around it but I remember when other members were asking for an app and to see they listened to their members and made one really shows they take member suggestions seriously. The app is pretty easy to use, I don't see anything confusing about it. You can check your Snaps, Campaigns, VoxPerks, and see what Badges you have completed all from your Dashboard right in the app.

Influenster is one of my favorite programs I belong to. I love when I get the email saying I'm getting a VoxBox and when it shows up at my door I can't wait to open it up. Most of the time I forget to take pictures before I start tearing into everything! I have to force myself to slow down so I can show off my goodies to everyone. If anyone is interested in signing up for Influenster leave a comment and I'll get back to you with an invite! You won't regret it :)

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