Monday, February 3, 2014

...and even when I do, I still procrastinate.

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a roercoaster for me. The weather has been all over the place and my emotions have been right there with it. 

One day it's nice and breezy, the next its snow and ice. We've had so many snow days and two hour delays I can't keep count. The kids are going to school on Presidents' Day this year and also Oaks Day (that's a regional thing). Our last day is currently June 9th but I have a feeling that's still going to change. 

Last week I was blindsided by a stomach bug that put me out of commission for 3-4 days. It was miserable. I could have blogged but all I could think about was the bathroom and you guys really didn't want to hear about that. Trust me. 

I've cancelled and rescheduled so many appointments because of the weather and school situations. My thyroid levels were normal (TSH was down to 1.4 from 4 in October and my T3 had straightened out) so it looks like my only option is to shell out more money than I've got for some Nioxin and hope it works to stop the hair loss and promote some growth. I still think the fluctuations in my thyroid are indicative of something but my doctor doesn't so, dead end. 

I finally finished the smallest princess's kangaroo. Sort of. I'm still knitting it's scarf. There will be a post with pictures. Next up is the eldest princess's kangaroo. So far, I'm 4 rows into the head. Oops. Better get hookin'. 

The boyfriend and I are headed to Nashville for some memory bleach over Valentine's Day weekend. I promise to try to take lots of pics and then bore you with them (is there even a you out there?) Nashville is my favorite place that doesn't have an ocean. I'm beyond excited. 

Turns out, I'm losing weight. Looks like my pervious doctor was wrong about it being linked to me turning 30 and drinking sodas. Imagine that. 

It's late here but early for me. I need to attempt to make my brain stop running laps (at least one of us runs, right?) and get some sleeps. The never-ending doctor visits resume tomorrow. Plus there are dishes in the sink that I think are beginning to gain sentience. Yikes. 

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