Wednesday, June 18, 2014

so sometimes I like falsies.

As you know, I'm part of the Influenster Voxbox program. In my most recent Voxbox I received Kiss Nails Everlasting French nails. I'm usually not the at home false nails kind of person. They don't fit, they're too long, I glue my fingers together, the usual problems of a klutz. To be honest at first I wasn't even going to try these. I was just going to skip over this product and try everything else out. I had planned to give them to my mamaw who is a false nail junkie. This is the product I received.

After looking them over and noticing they were the real short length and opening the package up I decided to give them a try. Worst that could happen, I throw them away. I measured some of them up to my fingernails and they all seemed to be pretty good matches. I only had to file the sides of some of them and only a little bit. They were very easy to file with the file that was included in the package. The Package included an orangewood stick, 28 nails, a bottle of glue, and a little nail file (as seen in the picture below).

Application was easy, although a little easier on my non-dominant hand, obviously. I did buff my nails slightly with the nail file to make the glue have something to latch onto. Just slightly though. Here's a not so great picture of me pretending to buff my fingernail no-handed. 

Voila! Here's the finished product!

Looks nice right? My right hand had some issues where I applied the glue a little messily and there was some bubbling. That was my fault. I should have paid a little more attention or possibly had my oldest do the glue for me. However, you only leave these on for seven days so I don't think it will be a big problem unless it bothers you aesthetically. I did have to file the thumb nails down. Even though the length of these nails is 'Really Short' I thought the thumb nails were much too long. I used to the blue file that was included and they filed down very easily. 

The nails lasted the whole seven days with no problems. They didn't pop off, I gave my daughter her baths, I washed dishes, I did everything I usually do and they stayed on just as strong as day one. There was no raising up no snagging on anything. They did feel like false nails but I don't think they're supposed to feel real. After 7 days they still looked like this (this is my right hand, the one I had glue issues with)

Nice, right? Suggested removal is to rough them up with the file and soak them in acetone but I just popped them off with my mouth (I know so bad!) this did make my nails a little thin but a coat of strengthening nail polish and cutting off the tips (my nails are brittle anyway so I can't grow them out) and they were their usual selves. 

All in all, I'm glad I gave these a try and in the future if I wanted pretty nails but didn't feel like polishing them I'd buy these for sure. They're available at the drug store (I saw them at CVS for sure) and much cheaper than a nail salon. If you're looking for something fast or just want to try something new without the commitment of acrylics I would definitely give Kiss Everlasting French (or any of the Kiss nails) a try. 

You can find Kiss at

I received this product complimentary from Influenster to try and report back how I felt about it. This review and all pictures are 100% my own and is not influenced by anyone. My reviews will never be influenced by outside forces, I keep it honest :)

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