Monday, December 16, 2013

...but sometimes you make time for things you need.

Ah, the dreaded introductory post. That empty white box, the blinking cursor ticking away the time as you try to come up with something true, witty and interesting. Everyone says how terrible they are at these things, then somehow when they start they can't stop. First I'll tell you about this blog, then I'll tell you about me.

This blog has no point. Sorry dear readers but I don't have a mission. It will be a few parts personal, a couple parts reviews, maybe some crafty things here and there, and probably no business. Business and I were never very good friends. It probably will not be a regularly updated blog as I'm not very regular about anything. 

I also have no point. I don't have any dreams or goals for this blog. I just need an outlet. Somewhere to put the things that are floating around in my head with nowhere to land. I can be annoying, I will vent about things that are serious first world problems. I will LOL and LMAO and probably WTF quite a lot. I curse! stop clutching your pearls ladies, I don't wear them. I am annoying, I am silly. I'm a teenaged girl trapped in an almost 30 year old body sometimes. 

I am the mother of two girls. One is 10 and one is 5. I will use their names. I will use my names. I don't have any cutesy nicknames for any of us. I may throw out a nickname here or there that I actually call them in real life but it will be mixed in with their real names. 
I have two cats. I would ADOPT ALL THE CATS! if I could. Sadly, I hate litter boxes and food isn't cheap. My cats are both boys and are both monsters! I love them to pieces. You will see them, I'm sure. 

I am bipolar. It's a recent diagnosis, but not a recent issue. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder at age 14. I struggled through medications and therapy. I cried and fought my way through two pregnancies unmedicated. I've seen doctor after doctor. Finally a doctor spoke up and said, "You know, maybe if the depression medication isn't working it's because you're not depressed. Maybe, you're bipolar." And finally something I had been telling my mother since I was 17 years of age was confirmed. I'm now on my way to finding a medication and therapy combination that works for me. You probably will hear about this quite a bit, it is a large part of me.

I don't know how to end this, I've always been terrible at ending things (just ask my exes!) so I suppose I'll just say, see you next entry!

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